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We thank the Corporations and Foundations that make KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® a special part of their mission.

Our 2014 Partners Include (Click on logos for links):

$5,000.00 +



                Visit the Academy


$1,000.00 +

  • Vintage Financial Group

$500 - $999.00



$100 - $499.00







We are grateful for the many families and individuals who support our mission via monthly donations through the Network for Good, through our Donation page, or checks sent to:

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
12418 C Street
Omaha, NE 68144

"Make a donation in memory of a loved one"
Your generous giving keeps kids living



Grief Support                                                READ MORE>>


Check Out Live Forward!™ Supporting Families in the wake of the death of a loved one due to a traffic incident.

The Compassionate Friends - Compassionate Friends
Grief support after the death of a child

The mission of The Compassionate Friends is to assist families toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child of any age and to provide information to help others be supportive.

The Compassionate Friends is a national nonprofit, self-help support organization that offers friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings. There is no religious affiliation and there are no membership dues or fees.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced the tragic death of a child, please visit Compassionate Friends.

Grief Haven, funded through the Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation, provides grieving parents, family members, friends and professionals information regarding the various types of support currently available, creates and offers new support tools, and endeavors to make these resources as readily accessible as possible. For more information, please visit Grief Haven.

In Memory of                                                READ MORE>>


Safer Teen Driving - In memory of Cady Anne Reynolds to educate teens about the dangers surrounding new drivers and how to become more responsible and alert when operating a motor vehicle.

Alexa's Hugs - the site will tell you all you need to know.

Graeme Preston made an impression on everyone he met. Courageous, compassionate, and caring to the end, he taught us that kindness is contagious. The Graeme Preston Foundation for Life was created to honor, celebrate and pass along Graeme's infectious, unflagging spirit. Learn more at Graeme Preston Foundation.

Slow Down for Nicolas This site is a special memorial to Nicolas Riconosciuto, who was hit and killed by a speeding drunk driver in front of his home in Ormond Beach, Florida. Nicolas' mother, Marie Anderson and her husband Jim (Tiny) are tireless champions of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® in the Daytona Beach Area.

Matt's Dream - Founded in memory of Matt Schmill, who was hit and killed by a drunk driver in 2004, the purpose of Matt's Dream is to provide education to parents regarding the impact of drinking and driving, legal or underage, on their families as well as others. Find out how you can benefit by visiting

Survivor Safety USA was founded by Kelly and Dan MacMillan in memory of her son Nick, his friend, Kyle Clark, and several other young people who have died in traffic incidents in the past few years in Saunders County, Nebraska. Survivor Safety has a challenging slogan, “Don’t Fix the Blame. Fix the Problem.” Learn more at Survivor Safety USA

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial - The mission of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is to generate increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers; and to provide information that will help promote law enforcement safety. Please visit NLEOMF.

Deadly Roads - Deadly Roads is an advocacy site operating as a living memorial to fatal hit and run crash victims, and as a grass roots effort at bringing public attention to this ever increasing problem. For more information, visit Deadly Roads.

Research                                                        READ MORE>>


NHTSA – The National Highway Transportation Safety Association provides data and direction for addressing traffic safety issues effecting all roadways throughout the U.S. Please visit NHTSA Data

Complete Streets - COMPLETE STREETS are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and bus riders of all ages and abilities are able to safely move along and across a complete street. Learn more a Complete Streets.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries on the roads. It is a not-for-profit, publicly-supported charitable educational and research organization. Please visit AAA Foundation.

Safe Kids Worldwide is an organization based in Washington D.C. with local chapters in every state in the U.S. Safe Kids focuses on the prevention of unintentional childhood injury. Please visit Safe Kids.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, scientific, and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses — deaths, injuries, and property damage — from crashes on the nation's highways. Please visit

The Partnership for Safe Driving is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating all forms of dangerous driving. Founded in February 1997 and headquartered in Washington, DC, we are working to change the driving culture in America through education, research, and grassroots activism. Please visit Crash Prevention.

Brain Injury Association of America - If you or someone you love has sustained a brain injury, please call the Brain Injury Association of America at 1.800. 444.6443 for information and resources and/or visit, BIAUSA. All State BIA contacts can be accessed through this site.

Safe Communities - Nine agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation are working together to promote and implement a safer national transportation system by combining the best injury prevention practices into the Safe Communities approach to serve as a model throughout the nation. Please visit Safe Communities.

Safe Ride News - Safe Ride News provides the latest information related to motorists and child passenger safety. Check on the latest data and information on child safety seats, booster seats, tethers, and more.

Education, Advocacy, and Parent Support


NOYS (National Organizations for Youth Safety) is a collaborative network of national organizations and federal agencies that serve youth and focus on youth safety and health. Find out more at NOYS.

Safe Routes to School - Every state has federal funds earmarked for traffic safety educational efforts within a two-mile radius of school zones. We are seeing more and more communities integrate KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® initiatives as an educational component of their safe routes initiatives. To learn more and connect with potential funding in your State, please visit Safe Routes.

Under Your Influence - a Web site totally devoted to helping parents teach their teens to drive safely.

EcoDriving USA - Did you know that safe driving habits can be good for the environment? Learn more at Eco-Driving.

UR The Spokesperson - It’s pretty simple, really… if you’re riding with friends and you don’t feel safe, you need to speak up. Why? Well, car crashes are the number one killer of teens and young adults. By far. Learn how you can "Speak Up" at.

Teens in the Driver's Seat, a web site created by teens for teens. Every day teens die in traffic crashes for many reasons — and we want that to stop. We are here to let you know about the dangers of driving and how you can avoid them. Please visit TeenDriver.

Kids and Cars - is the first organization dedicated solely to the prevention of injuries and deaths due to children being left unattended in or around motor vehicles.

Think First programs educate young people about their personal vulnerability and the importance of making safe choices.

Alive at 25! It's about saving the lives of young drivers.

The Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA) is an international association of driving school owners. From all over the globe educators come to associate with like-minded professionals. Learn more at

Driver's Ed Guru - If you're learning to drive or teaching your teenager the rules of the road, you may be bewildered as to where to start. Find out at DriversEdGuru.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is an alliance of consumer, health and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer. Learn more at Safe Roads.

Buckle Up and Slow Down is an organization to educate teenager, law enforcement, and the community on the importance of seat belt safety. Please visit Buckle Up.

Make Roads Safe is an international campaign to put global road traffic injuries on the G8 and UN sustainability agendas.

Home Zones - Home Zones are an attempt to strike a balance between vehicular traffic and everyone else who uses the street, the pedestrians, cyclists, business people and residents.

Some see Home Zones as a way of "reclaiming" local streets from a traditional domination by cars. Others see it more modestly as a way of trying to restore the safety and peace in neighborhoods that are becoming overwhelmed with speeding traffic.

For assistance in developing a plan for Home Zones in your community, contact Tom Everson, Founder of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®, at 402-334-1391 or

How's My Kid Driving? Do you have a new teen driver? Check out How's My Kid Driving?

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) - Since being founded in 1980 by Candy Lightner and a small group of other mothers, MADD has grown to one of the largest crime victims organizations in the world. To find out more, please visit

Red Means Stop Coalition is committed to increasing public awareness of the consequences of intersection crashes that injure and kill motorists, their passengers and pedestrians. For more information, please visit Red Means Stop!

Partners for Highway Safety strives to reduce injuries and fatalities of teenagers due to automobile crashes through public awareness. The foundation hopes to change the public’s perception of the use of safety belts, alcohol and drug usage, and teenage driving skills through:

  • Education,
  • Example, and
  • Enforcement.

Please visit

Drive for Life: Organized in 2003, “Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test and Initiative” is an ambitious driver education and outreach effort made possible through the collaboration of partners who share a commitment to improving safety on America’s roads. Please visit

Drive and Stay Alive's goal is to provide drivers of all ages and experience with additional or updated information that can greatly enhance your safety on today's busy roads. For more information, please visit Drive and Stay Alive.

The Surface Transportation Policy Project is a diverse, nationwide coalition working to ensure safer communities and smarter transportation choices that enhance the economy, improve public health, promote social equity, and protect the environment. Please visit Safer Transportation.

The California Center for Physical Activity creates opportunities for everyday activity by connecting partners to active living resources and helping develop more walkable and bikeable communities. For more information, please visit California Center for Physical Activity.

Drive Smart Colorado Springs - A Non-Profit organization whose mission is to build a community-based (motor-vehicle) safety campaign to reduce the number of traffic crashes and deaths. Drive Smart Colorado Springs coordinates the implementation of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® in the Colorado Springs area.

How to Drive a Car! - This site is dedicated to all drivers regardless their age. Most of us are auto enthusiasts who, as people who drive cars, care to be sane and safe while driving our car on the highway. Our objective is to grow into a complete drivers resource center dedicated to the safety of all drivers like you by providing driving skills information, services, and products to enhance your driving skills and the “how to drive a car” knowledge required to increase your margin of safety on the highways.

Slow Down for Children, a nonprofit organization of volunteers working to make our school zones safer for our children.

Road Ready Teens provides parents of teenagers learning to drive — or those who’ve just begun to drive — with tips and tools to ease their teens into driving. With Road Ready Teens, teenagers are able to first gain critical experience and driving maturity before they face higher risk situations.

Drive Safely - Our mission is to become the first driver training and education company on the internet dedicated to elevating the driving skills and “how to drive” knowledge of all driver's in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) is committed to working with and through employers throughout the U.S. to promote traffic safety.

The Bolingbrook Police Department has added a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® page to their web site to share information about local implementation of the campaign with residents. Check out how Bolingbrook is getting the word out.

The Safety and Health Council of Great Omaha is a local chapter of the National Safety Council. KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® is building a partnership to extend the reach of the campaign locally and also to provide funding for Safety and Health Council concerns. Among these has been the provision of money for their child safety seat program, a service of the local Safe Kids chapter.

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) s a voluntary association of public service executives responsible for motor vehicle administration, driver licensing issues and the enforcement of state and national laws that govern the safe use of vehicles on the roads in the United States and Canada.

Mr. Traffic - Based out of Los Angeles, Kenny Morse, aka Mr. Traffic, provides a site with information about a wide variety of driving and traffic safety concerns.

CRASH is a collection of activities, lab equipment, videotapes, computer software and texts that help science and math teachers to add excitement and reality to their existing lessons developed through the New England Assoc. of Chiefs of Police.

Car Talk with Click and Clack - This widely known and highly regarded duo, Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka "Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers"), is heard nationally on their NPR radio show each week. Tom and Ray also provide automotive advice in an entertaining fashion through a syndicated column appearing in newspapers throughout the country.

DRIVING RULES ON THE NET - This site provides tips for parents as they teach their sons and daughters to be responsible drivers.

Atchley Ford - An example of a business link to KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®.

If your organization or company would like to link up with KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®, please call (402) 334-1391 or e-mail Tom Everson.


KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® and related logos and slogans (Check Your Speed® / No Need To Speed®, Be Aware! Drive With Care™, STOP! TAKE 3 TO SEE®, Stop Means Stop®, and SEAT BELTS – FASTENATING!®) are registered trademarks of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®, P.O. Box 45563 Omaha, Nebraska, 68145. No other entities may use these or similar marks without prior permission. Call 402-334-1391 for information.

We encourage you to browse our site for helpful information. Discover how easy it is to begin a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® campaign in your own community! It’s easy, it’s informative and a great place to share ideas. Connect with local contacts in your state, click here to view all State Contacts.