Stop Sign Safety

Summer vacation is upon us. Are we each practicing behaviors behind the wheel that keep ourselves and other safe? 
Yearly last day of school Stop Sign Survey - 4 Way Stop @ 127th & Westwood Lane (Cody Elementary School), Omaha, NE 

1. # of motorists observed = 203 in a 30 minutes period at pick-up for the last day of school 
2. # that stopped without Safety Patrol Present = 13 
3. # that stopped with Safety Patrol Present = 33 (many of these due to 2 or more vehicles approaching intersection at same time or when kids crossed in the crosswalk) 
4. 22.7 % = overall # of motorists who stopped 
5. 77.3% = overall # of motorists who did not "Stop! Take 3 To See" 

200 pedestrian deaths & 17,000 injuries are linked to stop-sign running each year. Be a life-preserver and Stop! Take 3 To See 

1. Come to a complete stop (wheels not moving) 
2. Look left, look right, look left again. Make sure the intersection is completely clear. 
3. Proceed and continue to practice behaviors that keep yourself and other safe on and around all roadways. 

The only way to become good at stopping at stop signs is to practice the behavior, even when no one is present. We become what we practice. We understand this in sports, music, drama, dance, etc. Let's apply these same lessons to driving.

America Gives- Kids Live!

You are invited to make your $10 pledge to support the mission of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25. May 1st - May 20th marks a special period of giving  through the Omaha Community Foundation. The Charity with the most numbers of donors by 8 a.m. May 20th will receive a $3000 bonus in support of their mission. In addition, donors have pledged $1000 to match the first 100 donation made by supporters from throughout the U.S. - and even the World! Make your pledge today at KKAD25 Giving!  

On May 20th, a team of runners will spread awareness of the KKAD25 mission by running a 30+ mile relay throughout the Omaha Area. Panera is partnering with us as area locations will serve as our relay points throughout the day. Runners will wear "Live Forward! & Run to Remember" shirts bearing the names of loved ones from across the U.S. who have died in traffic incidents. We are privileged to honor their love as it continues to inspire all touched by the gifts of their lives.

Honor your loved ones through your gift today. Your generous giving keeps kids living!  Thank you.

Practice the Better! on Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day - and Everyday

May 1st is the 9th Annual Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day. Many communities observe the day with community events focused on safe driving behaviors. However, every one of us can participate by simply practicing safe driving behaviors - what we like to call "Practice the Better!" Check out "Practice the Better" and put these behaviors into action each and every time you get behind the wheel. The life you preserve might just be your own.