Neighborhood Traffic Safety: It's No Accident!

Summer is on the doorstep and kids are out and about playing and riding bikes. Many of us enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood. It's a good time to remind ourselves of 3 things we can do to keep ourselves and others safe on and around neighborhood streets:

1. Stop! Take 3 To See® at every stop sign. Even is no one is present, it is great practice for when someone is present. 
2. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® - Observe the posted neighborhood speed limit, and go slower when children, cyclists, or pedestrians are present. 
3. Hang up and drive. Help keep everyone alive. The death rate due to phone use behind the wheel goes up every year. Our brains are not wired to drive and talk or text on a phone at the same time. We get tunnel vision and are not aware of what is going on around us. Dare to care enough to toss the phone in the trunk if needed in order to focus on the most important task we have behind the wheel - driving.

We only become good at the things we practice. Let's all be aware and drive with care all summer long, and throughout the rest of the year as well. Need an audio-visual reminder? View "Practice the Better" 

Stop Sign Safety

Summer vacation is upon us. Are we each practicing behaviors behind the wheel that keep ourselves and other safe? 
Yearly last day of school Stop Sign Survey - 4 Way Stop @ 127th & Westwood Lane (Cody Elementary School), Omaha, NE 

1. # of motorists observed = 203 in a 30 minutes period at pick-up for the last day of school 
2. # that stopped without Safety Patrol Present = 13 
3. # that stopped with Safety Patrol Present = 33 (many of these due to 2 or more vehicles approaching intersection at same time or when kids crossed in the crosswalk) 
4. 22.7 % = overall # of motorists who stopped 
5. 77.3% = overall # of motorists who did not "Stop! Take 3 To See" 

200 pedestrian deaths & 17,000 injuries are linked to stop-sign running each year. Be a life-preserver and Stop! Take 3 To See 

1. Come to a complete stop (wheels not moving) 
2. Look left, look right, look left again. Make sure the intersection is completely clear. 
3. Proceed and continue to practice behaviors that keep yourself and other safe on and around all roadways. 

The only way to become good at stopping at stop signs is to practice the behavior, even when no one is present. We become what we practice. We understand this in sports, music, drama, dance, etc. Let's apply these same lessons to driving.