AUGUST 18, 2018 marks the date for the 12th Annual Live Forward! & Run to Remember as part of the official Trail Run up Pikes Peak in Colorado. Our Live Forward! & Run to Remember team runs in honor of over 100 loved ones whose families have connected with our mission due to a traffic-related death. We carry their names on the back of our shirts. Several runners represent these families directly. Several dozen family members will gather on Pikes Peak, a beautiful place, to greet our runners, share stories and make memories all weekend long.

Through Live Forward! we work to raise $14,115.00 - $1.00 for each foot above sea level at the summit of Pike's Peak. Funds raised cover expenses for families participating in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. To realize our fundraising goal 1,412 donors are needed to generously donate $10.00. Donate now to add your support. Checks can be sent to: KKAD25, 12418 C St., Omaha, NE 68144; corporate sponsors are welcome. Please e-mail or call 402-334-1391 to learn more.

If you know of a loved one who has died due to a traffic incident and would like to see him or her included in our Run to Remember, please e-mail or call 402-334-1391.


To Participate

If you're interested in participating as a runner on our Run to Remember team or if your family would like to join in on an inspiring weekend with other families, please e-mail or call 402-334-1391.