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Dedicated to Their Memory

Give a listen to "Love is Here to Stay," an original song by Michael Everson and Johanna Murray dedicated to all who have died in traffic-related incidents.

Run to Remember

Live Forward!® highlights the Run to Remember Teams' annual trek up Pikes Peak and other events throughout the year. Select an upcoming Run to Remember event below to learn more about participating, or check out our new video, The Mission and the Mountain, for a special look at our annual event. 

New Video: The Mission and the Mountain

KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® presents The Mission and the Mountain, a special production highlighting our participation in Colorado's annual Pikes Peak Ascent. We dedicate our event and this video to the 90+ people killed in preventable traffic accidents every day, and we continue to honor their memory by welcoming new participants to Pikes Peak in droves year after year. Watch our new video to learn more.