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KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® presents The Mission and the Mountain, a special production highlighting our participation in Colorado's annual Pikes Peak Ascent. We dedicate our event and this video to the 90+ people killed in preventable traffic accidents every day, and we continue to honor their memory by welcoming new participants to Pikes Peak in droves year after year. Watch our new video to learn more.

Loved Ones We Remember

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If you know of a loved one (of any age) who has died in a traffic incident and would like us to add his or her photo to this page, please email it, along with the person's name, age, city, and state, to

Click a name in red to visit a loved one's memorial website. Names are listed in no particular order.

Jakobi RA Harris, Age 2, Highland Park, MI

Benjamin Prescott, Age 14, Seward, NE

Mason Triplett, Age 11, Wahoo, NE

Bethany Holguin, Age 23, Los Angeles, CA

Shanora Lee, Age 31, St. Louis, MO

Ashley Lee, Unborn, St. Louis, MO

KJ Robinson, Age 17, Fort Calhoun, NE

Jackson Dean Wallace, Age 9, Kearney, NE

Jean and Jay Good, Age 58, Lititz, PA

Sara Dubinin, Forever 19, Sayreville, NJ

Shauna Hill, Age 16, Eagle, ID

Aaron Deutscher, Age 34, West Fargo, ND

Allison Deutscher, Age 36, West Fargo, ND

Brielle Deutscher, Age 1, West Fargo, ND

Unborn Baby Deutscher, West Fargo, ND

Sal Fidone, Age 48, Council Bluffs, IA

Tyler Smedley, Age 22, Fresno, CA

Tanner Hauck, Age 32, Wahoo, NE

Tommy Freese, Age 27, Ft. Worth, TX

Jessie Thomas, Age 29, Wahoo, NE

Tristan White, Age 14, Treynor, IA

Jacob Hefter, Age 18, Palmdale, CA

Nathan Kerzman, Age 18, Omaha, NE

Jan Pryor, Age 66, Essex Fells, NJ

Tyler Hanson, Age 17, Omaha, NE

Katie Anderson, Age 31, Spencer, IA

Josie Falter, Age 34, Ida Grove, IA

Conor Lynch, Age 16, Van Nuys, CA

Kelsey Belcher, Age 18, Boise, ID

Cady Ann Reynolds , Age 17, Omaha, NE

Seth Olson, Age 20, Boise, ID

Taylor Sauer, Age 18, Caldwell, ID

Alexa Johnson, Age 19, Loveland, CO

Tammy DuBois, Age 42, Oxford, ME

Wendell DuBois, Age 70, Taylorsville, NC

Virgene Hughes, Age 70, Pembroke, GA

Brian Austin Astle, Age 20, Kuna, ID

Andrew Smith, Age 34, Aurora, CO

Kaytlyn Cooper,  Age 16, Sebring, FL    

Daniel Cook, Age 11, Kuna, ID

Greg Holmes, Age 14, Boise, ID                                            

Anna Lundberg, Age 15, Omaha, NE

Nate LaFave,  Age 15, Omaha, NE

Christopher Starr, Age 8, Unionville, IA

Kyle Lee, Age 20, Caldwell, ID

Jason A Von Tersch, Age 29, Omaha, NE

Owen Cole Brezitski, Age 8, Harrisburg, PA

Katie DeCubellis, Age 13, Narragansett, RI

Bobby Rogers, Age 16, Meridian, ID

Tiffany Walters, Age 17, Meridian, ID

Amanda Reynolds, Age 19, Kuna, ID

Elijah Alvitre, Age 3, Salinas, CA

Hector Jimenez, Age 34, Los Angeles, CA

Amanda Holoubek, Age 18, Omaha, NE

Nikki Kellenyi, Age 18, Sewell, NJ

Johnny Little, Age 8, Saginaw, MI

Sabrina Titus, Age 28, Omaha, NE

Alexandra Bedel, Age 19, Omaha, NE

Kayden Hope Fronterhouse, Age 19 Months, Bristow, OK

Heather L. Hurd, Age 26, Davenport, FL

Xavier Bevan, Age 20, Bellevue, NE

Jared Hunt, Age 2, Council Bluffs, IA

Kylie Remmereid, Age 16, Bennington, NE

Maddison Hart, Age 5, Sikeston, MO

Misty Dawn Tamayo, Age 14, Council Bluffs, IA

Matthew Waldrup, Age 7, Avon Park, FL

Mikey Rice, Age 20, Omaha, NE

J.T. Butrick-Chase, Age 13, Omaha, NE

Kayla Wilkins, Age 15, Elkhorn, NE

Christopher Lantz, Age 19, Bennington, NE

Nolan Beckenhauer, Age 16, Ashland, NE

Bryn Dirkschneider, Age 16, Fremont, NE

Ken Berglund, Age 32, Kearney NE

Skyler Dickey, Age 24, Villisca, IA

Andrew Brumback, Age 8, Westminster, CA

Tim Hill, Age 12, North Las Vegas, NV

Erica Forney, Age 9, Fort Collins, CO

Brandon Bruggeman, Age 13, Carroll, IA

Zak Bruce, Age 17, La Veta, CO

Stephen Moeller, Age 17, St. Louis, MO

Brianna Vitek, Age 16, Winona, MN

Erika Joy Rowan, Age 16, Cozad, NE

Emily Jasmine Ranyak, Age 18, Merritt Island, FL

Gabby Mair, Age 12, Deltona, FL

Heather Bouchard, Age 24, Madawaska, ME


Paul Thomas Troupe, Age 22, Omaha, NE

Ashley Wooden, Age 12, Omaha, NE

Jessica Chilcote, Age 10, Altoona, PA

Ryan Strickler, Age 14, Nottingham, PA

Tri Ho, Age 19, Saigon, Vietnam

Jameca Stanfield, Age 39, St. Louis, MO

Cari Widmyer, Age 43, Long Island, NY

Cliff Endorf, Age 23, Fairbury, NE

Clayton Brandt, Age 30, Fairbury, NE

Alan Pittman, Age 6, Brandon, MS

Jacob Blum, Age 21, Gretna, NE

Brandon Nichols, Age 20, Littleton, CO

Allie Canedo, Age 22, Colorado Springs, CO

Emily Reginnitter, Age 21, Meridian, ID

Paul Ondrish, Age 20, Littleton, CO

Brandon McPherson, Age 16, Weatherby Lake, MO

Clay Tully, Age 17, Meridian, ID

Nadia Chowdhury, Age 20,     Naperville, IL

Sam Herrington, Age 17, Kansas City, MO/Omaha, NE

Brandon Narleski, Age 19, Sayreville, NJ

Tony Belsky, Age 14, Scribner, NE

Regina Dixon, Age 31, Omaha, NE

Shari Nielsen, Age 16, Treynor, IA

Chad Romine, Age 29, Vacaville, CA

Myles McCarron, Age 16, Lunenburg, MA

Anna Diffenderfer, Age 2, Perkiomenville, PA

Nikki Simonson, Age 5, Phoenix, AZ

Nicolas Riconosciuto, Age 5, Ormond Beach, FL

Stephen Loder, Age 5, Commerce Township, MI

Stephanie Loder, Age 8, Commerce Township, MI

Lisa Xavier, Age 6, Menlo Park, CA

Shannon Lloyd, Age 7, Omaha, NE

Landon Bos, Age 7, Norfolk, NE

Aaron David Sumner Brock, Age 7, Haughton, LA

Shannon Ventry, Age 7, Omaha, NE

Shaye Martin, Age 8, Doral, FL

Justin Faust, Age 9, Lees Summit, MO

Kurt Sulzman, Age 42, Selden, KS

Stephen Richard Schroder, Age 10, Fort Thomas, KY

Kyle Foster, Age 10, Mesquite, TX

Sierra Feaster, Age 10, Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Tia Townsend, Age 11, Shoreline, WA

Graeme Preston, Age 12, Freehold NJ

Kevin Clawson, Age 13, Freehold, NJ

Melissa Tindell, Age 13, Panama City, FL

Tyler Tscheschlog, Age 14, Forest Hill, MD

Anthony Henry, Age 14, Yardville, NJ

Nicole King, Age 14, Katy, TX

Nick Peters, Age 15, Wahoo, NE

Kyle Clark, Age 16, Wahoo, NE

Anthony Rizzo, Age 16, New York, NY

Caleb Koke, Age 17, Austin, TX

Eric Laufersweiler, Age 17, Webster Groves, MO

Irma Laufersweiler, Age 50, Webster Groves, MO

Ashley Steffan, Age 17, Waukesha, WI

Ashley Smith, Age 17, Scotrun, PA

Jacqueline G. Becker, Age 17, Cape May County, NJ

Christina M. Becker, 19, Cape May County, NJ

Kimberly Hoover, Age 18, Barberton, OH

Ian Taggart, Age 19, La Veta, CO

Erika Kelly Anstett, Age 20, Redford, MI

Joe Anstett, Age 51, Detroit, MI

Steven Dennis Schult, Age 21, Valley, NE

Natalie DeLeon, Age 21, Springfield, MA

Blake Goodman, Age 21, Wakefield, MA

Gia Marie Kakas, Age 21, Hamilton, NJ

Matt Schmill, Age 23, Omaha, NE

Robb Morast Jr, Age 25, Spring Branch, TX

James Davis, Age 29, White Bear Lake, MN

Paul Vetter, Age 30, Omaha, NE

Robert "Rob" Williams, Age 33, Shawnee, KS

Rick Mowery, Age 41, Ironton, MO

Kyle Wassenaar, Age 51, Long Beach, CA

Jim Johnston, Age 56, Omaha, NE

Holbrook Mann MacNeille, Age 66, Cleveland, OH

Mary Anne Nortrup, Age 67, Ottawa, IL

Morris Muniz, Age 74, Houston, TX

Stephen Schroder, Age 10, Fort Thomas, KY

Jayden Hope Fronterhouse, Age 1, Bristow, OK