Why We Need Your Help

  • On average, over 100 deaths occur each day from speeding vehicles. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • 94% of traffic deaths are the result of specific behaviors - speeding, not buckling up, distracted driving - including cell phone use, drinking and driving, stop-light/stop-sign running, and more (Federal Highway Administration). 
  • 500 children under 14 years-old are killed each year while walking in what should be their safe haven—their neighborhood (NHTSA).
  • Each year over 4,000 sons, daughters, mothers & fathers are killed while walking in neighborhoods or crossing streets (NHTSA).
  • 2.5 million people are injured each year in motor vehicle incidents (NHTSA).
  • The death rate on residential streets is over twice that of highways - measured per miles driven (NHTSA).
  • Speeding triples the Odds of Crashing (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety).
  • A pedestrian hit in a 30 mph speed zone is 3 times more likely to die than one hit in a 25 mph zone (General Estimates Database of Police Reported Accidents (NHTSA).

How to Make a Difference

  • Make a difference by slowing down. Make sure you observe the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit.
    Talk with neighbors about your concern for the safety of all neighborhood children.
  • Invite your Neighborhood Association or Area School PTA to get involved in starting a neighborhood campaign.
  • Request the Police/Sheriff’s Department to do a traffic study to gauge the extent of the speeding problem in your neighborhood.
  • Contact local officials (Mayor, Council Members, Police Chief) about beginning a community wide campaign. On-site support for developing a local campaign is available by contacting kkad25@kkad25.org or calling 402-334-1391.
  • Post a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® sign in your yard. Post the yard sign during the early morning hours (before school starts), after school (between 2:30 p.m. and dusk), and on weekends when children are out playing. The sign reminds all drivers in your neighborhood to slow down for our kids’ sake!
  • Encourage local schools to integrate KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®into drivers' education.
  • Your business can display the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® logo (via decals or bumper stickers) on service vehicles out in neighborhoods.

How Everyone Benefits

  • Drivers actually slow down. The first completed pre/post study citing effectiveness of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® yard signs in Oceanside, CA demonstrated a 16% decrease in average speed (or 6-mph slower).
  • After applying KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® decals to all residential trash cans, an Oro Valley, Arizona neighborhood of 1000 homes reduced average speed from 29 mph to less than 25 mph, a 13.4% decrease.
  • An initial study indicate that 75% percent of drivers who drive by a 
    KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® yard sign apply their brakes.
  • KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® promotes community wide cooperation as residents, law enforcement, schools, businesses, and civic leaders work together to create safer streets for the benefit of everyone.
  • Get to know and work together with neighbors in addressing this “hot button” issue.
  • Express your feelings without raising your voice or your hands by placing a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® sign in your yard or a permanent sign on your street.

Get started today.