Ideas For Implementation

  • Involve school children to create posters with examples of the benefits of seat belt use. These examples answer the why of SEAT BELTS: FASTENATING!®
  • Engage high school students in creating in-school and community impact campaigns that focus on the benefits of wearing seat belts for people of all ages. Their peers and family members can couple this effort with seat belt count initiatives to promote greater use.
  • Post SEAT BELTS: FASTENATING!® signs at the exits to all school/business parking lots.
  • Utilize a SEAT BELTS: FASTENATING!® dashboard sticker (which can also be placed behind the front seats) as a reminder to all on board to buckle up. Stickers can be distributed to parents, drivers of all ages, businesses, driving schools, school bus operators, etc.
  • Create a brochure listing Top Ten Reasons Why Seat Belts are FASTENATING!® which the Police can pass on to motorists when making traffic stops. These can also be distributed through schools, community newsletters, local businesses, etc.

In Memory of Jim Everson

SEAT BELTS: FASTENATING!® is dedicated to the memory of Jim Everson, who died February 9th, 2002. Jim was a pioneer of sorts, outfitting the family car with enough seat belts for all passengers (even in the first 10-passenger wagon) years before seat belts became standard equipment. He always told the kids, “This car isn't moving until everyone’s seat belt is buckled.”

The Late JIM Everson with his Grandchildren

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